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Party Liaison is an Entertainment Media outlet which was founded in 2007. Our aim is to enhance the entertainment experience for those attending nightlife events, music festivals and other recreational activities. We interact closely with our audience through experiential experiences and our internet portal.

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Since 2007 Party Liaison has grown into a leader in the entertainment media space and will grow further with the launch of the new Party Liaison, taking entertainment media to a new level. Expanding the content on the Party Liaison portal and the Party Liaison media coverage will see Party Liaison offering an entertainment experience to young adults across South Africa.

Party Liaison is expanding to increase the amount of events covered, increase the coverage across South Africa and increase the content offered on our internet portal. In order to create the best experience for our audience we require the following new team members: Photographers, writers, content creators, editors, content moderators, team leaders, * and advertising sales executives. If you are enthusiastic and can fill one of these roles please contact us.

Party Liaison is an ideal method of reaching your target audience and having them closely relate your brand with positive experiences. Our primary target market is 18-30 year olds in the upper socio-economic levels with a high amount of disposable income. Please contact us for our current rate card and further information.

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